The less time you have for your team, the more you need Teamscore


tldr: Teamscore - Team peer review tool for managers who have very little time for their time

Wow, It’s been quite a while since I posted here anything! I definitely fall in to the category of a lurker.

Few months ago I just started trying out Rails 5 and one thing led to another. Somehow along the way, some brain malfunction happened and I thought it would be better to write a small app with Sinatra. Realising pretty soon that it was a bad Idea, I still kept going. I kept finding few extra hours here and there to spend with Teamscore, slowly building my yet-another-sideproject. Unlike most of my sideprojects, I actually managed to get this into a MVP state, which could actually provide some value for it’s users.

What I built is Teamscore - An app that helps managers and team leads to figure out how their team is actually doing by creating a peer review survey for the team. The manager ends up with a report that she can use to start making things better. I work for a big financial institute and I see a lot of busy managers who have very little time for their team, so the idea for Teamscore originates from those experiences.

I just did the last deploy for today, adding Google Analytics. Now, as I’m writing this, it’s 1am here and I’m definitely ready to get some sleep. :slight_smile:

Anyway, if you’re interested I would love to hear your comments. Especially all the comments on the landing page copy since I’m not a native English speaker.


Ummmmm, I’m not sure.

In a toxic environment, this will just provide more fuel for the fire. I can just imagine some teams I worked with, where everyone would be sharpening their knives. I’ll show them, now.

And does a manager really need a tool to tell him which employees are not up to the task? If they really are that incompetent, why would they pay for your service?