The Grid for a marketing site?

Is anyone here considering using for your marketing site? It’s overselling the “Created by Artificial Intelligence” aspect for sure, but the application of machine learning for conversion optimization is REALLY compelling, and the “works on all devices” aspect is nice too. SEO seems like the biggest wildcard.

I’m thinking of throwing $100 at it, just to take it for a spin next year. Anyone else considering it?

Hmmm… Intriguing.

Here’s some more about it

@coreysnipes, I’ve registered about 2 or 3 weeks ago. I was under the impression I would get direct access to use it but it isn’t released yet. If you want to register, let me know. I can refer you, and start moving up the line (already referred other people which paid for my membership).

@jadb - thanks, I’ll do that if I decide to sign up. @jabeuy - Interesting article. I’m glad to hear their creative team is driving the process, so everybody doesn’t end up with sites that look like and

Landing page services like and seem like good options for running your own optimizations - at $50-100/mo they’d likely pay for themselves.

EDIT: And here’s a writeup from two years ago, with a nice overview and considerations (like “you need to have sufficient traffic volume for this stuff to work”):

I’m really wary of systems that promise so much and try to do so much automatically. So much emphasis on AI… to me it sounds like the kind of thing that might get it “right” a number of times but bomb other times, leaving you to figure out how to fix what the AI is trying to do.

But I’m a skeptic.

Hi, does anyone have any referrals left for, I’m having real issues signing up. It seems to be worth a look for $100!

I see more than one business idea here… Automated A/B testing? Sign me up now…