The Brexit Dividend. pt 94

This is so embarrassing for our country. I know the EU ain’t perfect and all that. GDPR, VATMOSS, cookies for example where all an almighty PITA for many who tried to comply while others just ignored them.

I just got this from GoDaddy today. Feeling sad. (Though there are some obvious workarounds).


Wow. I could see not issuing anymore, but removing them is harsh. Anyone with .eu domains you should get a 301 redirect in place ASAP.

It’s an annoyance for you Mark, but couldn’t this be a nice little business for someone if they get in quick?

  • Setup domain holding company (obviously with an address in the EU) - transfer your registration to them and pay service fee on top of usual registration fee. Don’t know about legalities and domain regs here but sure there is a way through?
  • Usual Inbound Marketing steps explaining the problem (blog etc) to capture searches.
  • Outbound marketing : contacting .EU domain owners without an EU physical address by email/post/telephone offering services.
    (You can’t see full address on whois now due to GDPR but can see the country and you can get full physical address other means and also some historical WHOIS data suppliers who are not GDPR compliant)

Brexit. The gift that just keeps on giving!