The 2 biggest mistakes I made (before reaching $500 MRR)

Hi folks,

I shared what I believe are my biggest mistakes while launching WiseCash. Read on:

Let me know what you think :slight_smile:

– Thibaut


Looks like a good product, many companies live and die by their cashflow forecasts, well done.

If I have one suggestion, get your video redone in a few country specific formats, use an American voice over if your visitor is coming from the US, use a British one if from the UK, also on a UK one change $ for £ etc. When dealing with money people like to know you are familiar with local rules, and a localised video would help reinforce that.

Very good suggestion, thanks! I may actually remove the video completely in favor of another format (more text/charts/benefits) - but I’ll definitely keep your advice in mind if I keep it online. Thank you!