Testing your app

I’d like to improve our QA by getting someone to manually test new features.

Does anyone use a service or external person to help test your app? Anything you can recommend?

Hi Steve,

I can offer you a testing person (manual testing) for 12$/hour.

Can you send me some details via DM?

Something I’ve been looking into is testcafe: https://mherman.org/blog/functional-testing-with-testcafe/ . No experience yet.

I used these chaps for a couple of years on a project about 5 years ago.


Personally I think the best way to do manual testing is by testing scripts focused on objectives (i.e. ‘create a new account and setup 2 widgets’) not just ‘step by step’.

Step by step can usually be done by automated means and for me you want a human tester to act like those damn pesky humans who do things in unexpected ways.


I’ve also used https://www.testlab2.com/, on a number of occasions and generally had a good experience. I had a really difficult time trying to pay them last time though (something to do with new money laundering rules in Ukraine I think) and it wasted hours of my time. Hopefully they have sorted that out now, but make sure you sort out how you are going to pay upfront.

Also I only ever see third party testing as aiseful add-on (not a replacement) for other QA:

I took a look at TestLab2’s site. Are they still running? Some important info on their website seems not to have been updated since 2010!

I’ve used their services in the last 12 months.

Just had a great experience with this tester on Fiverr: he sent me a spreadsheet with detailed bug reports, recorded all bugs on video, and shared some ideas about the possible UX improvements.