Testers wanted: Product to increase conversions of AdWords traffic

Hi everyone,

I’m building a SaaS product that will hopefully increase conversions on your landing pages for visitors coming from AdWords campaigns. Right now I’m looking for some companies or marketers interested in being early beta testers or giving me feedback.

If you’d like to beta test such a product and you:

  • Spend at least a couple thousand dollars a month on AdWords (if you don’t, this product probably won’t move the needle too much for you).

  • Run several different AdWords campaigns or ads all pointing to the same landing page (if you spend all your money on one ad copy, because you found that’s what works for you and don’t experiment much with it, then this product is not for you).

If you fit the profile and want to know more, I’d love to talk. Hopefully once I explain what the product does you can tell me what you think and if you’re interested in being a beta tester (no strings attached, though).



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Good luck Manuel. I’m not in your target audience, so I won’t volunteer. But I wish you success.

(This is rare: meeting someone socially in real life and then running into them in the virtual world!)

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