Test NPS service 30 days free for a reference

Hi bootstrappers! I have started a new project for SaaS Founders and Marketers custolytics.com. It helps to reduce churn by measuring customer feedback in real-time. So when loyalty grows 5% - revenue rises at least +25%.

I need clients’ feedback and references. Usually, it’s 7 days free trial, for Bootstrappers I give 30 days free for Pro Plan ($99) for reference.

Please register for a ProPlan here custolytics. com / app / register. php?s=Pro and drop me an e-mail support @ custolytics . com to extend the trial for 30 days. The offer is valid til the end of Sunday 1st of December.

Reduce churn and grow retention with a new NPS tool! See you!

Hi Dmitry, not to demotivate you: Bain will increase the NPS license cost from next year to 5000 $/year, just to use the NPS trademark. Good luck with your service.

Thanks, Unbot, it’s valuable mention. We will remove TM’s mentioning in our service (“An NPS License is required in order to use any of the NPS marks in any commercial endeavor” - usage of TM’s but not method etc)