Tender.io - Feedback welcome


It’s an add-on for Stripe that includes: Emailing of PDF invoices, history widget, taxes and discounts, dunning and metrics.

The purpose of the app is to have a one-stop shop with all the missing basic features that Stripe should have. Believe or not, building everything together wasn’t a big challenge as 80% of the code is shared between all the features.

Any feedback?


Hey @joseacta, I like the idea a lot. I will try giving my 2c after quickly visiting the page:

  • CTA buttons and texts are too small
  • I’d love to see a freemium for startups with lower volumes
  • I’d put more FAQs (the general ones that are displayed at all SaaS websites) and better explain the no contract, upgrade/downgrade anytime answer.
  • part of the browser’s page title seems to be missing
  • “increase my conversions” on the sign up page? I don’t remember reading anything related to that on the home page though. yes i read about trials ending, expiring credit cards and the rest - but under churn context, maybe remind user of that instead?
  • the norm in internet marketing is 90 days no questions asked guarantee, for saas i’ve noticed it is usually 30 days trial on the most expensive plan (let’s the user play with all the features before pulling them away in case he doesn’t select the most expensive plan).

Here are some questions for you:

  • can the invoice’s CSS be customized before it’s transformed into PDF
  • can the text used in emails be customized?
  • does it support multiple languages?

I hope that helps. I’d be happy to try it out on the next small test products I’ll be assessing - let me know if you are interested :smile:

Thanks for the great feedback @jadb, already fixing and incorporating your suggestions!

Regarding your questions:

  • Yes, you can customize the CSS and HTML. We use Liquid template and the initial sample we provide is actually built using Bootstrap.
  • Yes, again we use Liquid template for the email content so you can change it as you need.
  • And yes. Tender has a rules engine that allows you to send emails and invoices based on certain conditions that you can configure.

We have lower tier plan for companies starting out, just shoot me an email to hello@tender.io

I am integrating the widgets but facing problem any one can guide me

Hi Awais,

Sure, no problem. Please, reach out to support@tender.io and I’ll personally pickup your request and help you out.