Teardown Podcast

I’m playing with the idea of a new podcast where I teardown your product for fun and profit :slight_smile:

If you’re interested you can apply at http://teardown.tv

Happy to answer any questions below as well.

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I certainly would not want a public teardown. For many reasons, both business and personal.

Private one is another story, but that’s something that you’re probably not interested in.

With all the books and podcasts, I’m getting a feeling you’re bored. :smiley:

Haha, not bored just experimenting.

Yeah, maybe it’s too much for people to take on. We’ll see.

If it’s constructive evaluation and criticism and not just a tear down anyone in business should be able to take that. If you can’t handle that you might not be cut out for trying to start and run a business because it will only get worse. Nick Hance did something similar a few years ago and the videos were very helpful in seeing founder blind spots.

In theory, yes. In practice, I hesitant to explain all my decisions and ideas for future to everyone including my clients and competitors to hear. It is just asking for troubles.

Great idea. Seeing as you are actually a nice guy and not Simon Cowell, I’m sure the tear downs will be tempered somewhat and won’t result in on-air breakdowns!

Ian, you might want to check your signup form on an iPhone - the rendering has problems.