Teardown my new product site "WP Offload S3"

Hey folks,

We just soft launched our 2nd product yesterday along with the new site. I’m looking for feedback and tips on specific things I could add, remove, or change to increase conversions. So, if you could take a look and post your feedback, that would be awesome. I’ll be A/B testing any changes I make and can share the results here. I’m mostly interested in feedback on the following two pages:

If you have any comments on our pricing as well, I’m happy to receive it.

Congrats on the launch!

Couple of weird things I noticed.

On the Features page–your speed vs. abandonment rate graph looks off. There’s just no way that a page load time of 3 milliseconds suddenly has a 50% abandonment rate, but your text talks about the Akamai study for 3 seconds. You’ll want to fix that graph image to use the right units. :smile:

On the Pricing page, 5 plans feels like a lot to process there, especially with the different sizes of each fee plan column. I kept scanning my eyes back and forth across the plans trying to compare them in a meaningful way–the sizing of the Bronze and Silver vs. the rest makes the overall effect hard to read. Maybe convert that to a table format instead? One single table, features listed on the left, plan names across the top, checkmarks in the middle for each plan, a Buy Now at the bottom for each? That seems more reader-friendly.

Hope the launch rolls in a bunch of new sales!