Tear Down my Product Name

Product is: Jiffy Decider

(It’s a SaaS tool that helps conference organizers select sessions & plan the event schedule.)

I’m especially interested in:

  • Your gut feeling about the name (positive, negative, neutral)
  • First 1 or 2 words that come to mind when you hear it

And anything else that you want to say.
Don’t hold back.

I don’t know. As a non-native speaker I had to look up what Jiffy means.
In The Netherlands, there is/was a cleaning product named ‘Jif’. That was my first association.
I’m not sure what that has to do with organizing conferences except for cleaning the toilets at the venue.

JIffy makes me think of the “Jiffy bag” mailers I use to send out CDs.

There is (was?) a brand of condoms in the UK called “Jiffi” (or was it “Jiffy”). I’m not sure they are still going though.

“Jiffy” seems light, non-serious. Not sure if that is what you want to go for. It isn’t terrible though.

I’m less convinced about “Decider” though. That makes it sound as if it is for conference attendees, not conference planners IMHO.

Like the product idea, that part of running a conference stinks.

Don’t like the name at all :slight_smile:

I think it’s too light. That, or if you’re going to go that route you have to totally own it. With that name I expect the site to be all colorful and vibrant, perhaps stylized. So fully own the playful nature of it.

I think I’d probably just go with a name more on the nose as conference organizers are kinda a bore :slight_smile:

In my opinion execution trumps branding, but in this case I’d probably pass on the name.

Since you’ve already put time and money into the domain, I think you could still make it (or any name) work, but at face value it isn’t conveying the essence of your product concept (for me).

I don’t think “jiffy” is so bad, and–by the way–noticed that the following are all available:

Or outside dot-com land, something like “confplan.io” is available (the .com version isn’t relevant, held currently by a Japanese ad site).

First thing that comes to mind os Jiffy Lube…so car maintenance and oil changes haha.

To me it doesn’t lead to knowing it has something to do with conferences. But then again, I don’t know much about conferences :slight_smile:

Good stuff - thanks everybody! I’ve been second-guessing the name lately.

(It’s still very early stage, and it seems like I’m constantly second-guessing something… whether there’s a real market need, whether the last revision of the admin interface was a good idea, whether the price point is totally off base… etc…)

I’m fond of “Jiffy” by itself (despite the possible int’l condom & toilet connections) and I’m trying to decide between lopping off the 2nd word entirely, or pivoting the 2nd part to something more event-niche like “jiffy planner” (thanks @perceptec for those!) and really owning the light-hearted feeling in the design (agreed - @ian).

How about Conjiffy?

“Conferences in a jiffy”

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Sorry I’m late.

I like the idea, not so much the name - it says nothing about what the product does, feels too generic and unrelated to what it is. Consider my business name - “CAD bloke” - what do you reckon I do? Also consider the sort of impression it conveys about company size, accessibility, working relationships, and the preconceptions it creates. That’s the sort of thing you want to instantly convey with a name, you hijack existing perceptions.

Good points, thanks. Yours is very clear indeed!