Taskblitz - new project management and collaboration tool around

Hi everyone,

my name is Erich and I am the creator of taskblitz.com.
We are building a new project management and collaboration app and have been in development for almost a year now. Recently launched as a public beta.

The project is bootstrapped and we don’t have any revenues yet, which will hopefully change very soon. Our approach is the all-in-one solution which means you don’t need a proposal, invoicing, project management,chat solution but get everything in our app.

Looking for feedback on our app itself but also for tips on how to acquire the first few paying customers because, to be honest, I struggle with that point at the moment.


(You’ve got a few basic mistakes in your site copy - you could hire a proofreader via fiverr or upwork to find these.)

I’m somewhat unclear about what the app does, and the benefits for me. I could try it out, but as a business owner I don’t want to invest any time unless I already suspect the app solves a problem I have. The headline claims that it is project management software. But then the site claims that it is proposal writing software. Or invoicing software? Or time management software? It is not clear, and all seems rather unfocused. The all-in-one claim actually discourages me.

My gut instinct is that you need to focus like a laser beam on one specific area, do it well, get a few clients, and then maybe add more aspects to your software.

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