Taskade — easiest way to make lists and organize your tasks

Hi bootstrappers!

We’ve been working on Taskade (https://www.taskade.com) for the past few months and are very excited to share our MVP with everyone.

Taskade is a simple productivity tool and web app for creating lists with nesting and checkboxes. We wanted to build a frictionless way to make sharable lists, and here is our first iteration on Taskade.

For Chrome users, we also made an extension here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/taskade/hcobdfnjjaceclfdjpmmpiknimccjpmf

You can read our FAQ here: https://www.taskade.com/faq

Please feel free to drop any feedback to john@taskade.com or comment here. Hope to keep you guys updated as we update and improve the product.

There are 100500 task lists on the web.

Geez, I wish someone wrote a MOP/Implementation Plan application - which is essentially a task list, but with a timeline, dependencies, status emails and rollback procedures (“tasks lists”).

Don’t get me wrong, John, but you’re wasting your time.


@rfctr Wat is a MOP? (I assume not “Malaria Operational Plan” ??)

@johnxie The name taskade is great! Good find. The market of todo lists: not so great.

Method of Operation. A very detailed task list that companies prepare to make a change to their systems. When, who does what, in what order, who wait for who, who gets notified when, what are steps. For complex systems sometimes takes weeks and countless meetings to prepare. Never seen it done in a application – always stupid Excel or Word, with all the manual work involved any time you need to insert a step (recalculate start times) or send a report during the implementation.

“Let’s do a task list!” is a manifestation of “I do not really know what to do with my skills”. Skills are apparently there, but the knowledge of world pains is lacking. And the skills should be applied to pains, not to nice-to-haves.

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Bah… forget about the nay sayers… lol I think it’s great… real simple… And you are launching… nothing like launching something…

Would make a great addition to a wedding planning site… or any other place you can use a shared list…shared lists that simple is just nice … cool…

What are your plans for monetizing it?

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Sure, let him waste his youth years doing something that nobody really needs. That’s really helpful, he’ll thank you later.


Why don’t you go develop your MOP thing rfctr… seems like a great idea… It might lighten you up…lol

It is in my “to consider” list. My current project is an easier sell and is a bigger pain.

Thanks for the feedback Serge! I agree Taskade would be a great addition to wedding planning tools! :slight_smile: Hope you tried our Chrome Extension too. Please do reach out if you have more suggestions.

Thanks for the feedback! We do have some active users already, so it isn’t nobody. :slight_smile:
There is a lot of room for improvements, open to more suggestions.

Are they paying users? “Need” means “ready to pay for it”.

Having said that – good luck. I assume over the next year or so you’ll get what I am trying to say.

Thanks, points taken and we will do our best! :airplane:
Have a great weekend.

Looks really neat. Even if you fail to monetize it, I’m sure you’ve been learning a lot from the experience.

Before I achieved success with my current venture, I had a couple of failed apps that taught me a lot about creating and launching a product as a bootstrapped solo founder. If I had tried to launch my current product without any prior experience, I would most likely have failed at the execution.


Thank you! If you have suggestions please do send them our way! :slight_smile:

Like your MVP, really simple & clean. At first the colorful background put me off, but when I saw I could change that all was fine :slight_smile:
Also like how simple it is to share read-only / editable lists. That could be a good tool for user growth in the future.

I think you know that you are in a crowded market. But never say never. For example the story of Todoist shows that good task tracking apps can find their fans and paying users (being one myself).

What I would find helpful is to be able to reorder the tasks.
Have I missed that maybe?

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Thanks Holger! Drag to reorder tasks (bullet points) is at the top of our roadmap. We should have it ready soon. You can follow us on twitter.com/taskadeapp or blog.taskade.com for updates.

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Hi @johnxie How is Taskade going in 2020?