Taking bootstrapped business to the next level

I know this is a bootstrap forum but am hoping some have been in a similar position.

When you hit the point where you feel you cannot take your business any further through bootstrapping but have no contacts in the investing world, what options are there?

Family and friends isn’t viable especially as, in addition to funding, there is a need for mentoring and advice so it needs to be a serious angel or a VC fund but sending an unsolicited plan to a generic email address at 20 VC’s in the hope one reads it seems a bit like throwing shit at a wall and hoping something sticks!

Am in West Midlands in UK so London is not that far away but not sure what approaches to take which will increase chances of getting a face to face at least?

If I may, what makes you think you’ve reached the limit of what you can accomplish without taking outside funds?


I don’t really have advice but thought it might interest you that it sounds like a number of companies that have been featured on Product Hunt have been approached by investors. So maybe try to get featured on there?

To move things on we need access to funding for expansion including paying for capital items and taking staff on that we simply do not have the means to facilitate ourselves.

Thanks I will have a look at Product Hunt