Switching from Authorize.NET to Stripe

Found a great writeup from @aeden on what the process is like to export customer data out of Authorize.NET and into Stripe.

@ian and I talked about this in one of the early episodes of Bootstrapped. Back then, it wasn’t even possible to get Authorize to agree to export any of your CIM data. They were notorious for having tight data lock-in. These days, it still looks like a bit of a pain, but I’m happy it’s at least a viable option now.

I finally shut down our Auth.net account permanently last month. Was an excellent feeling.

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We’re doing a bit of in-house cleanup as well. I calculated that it would take until the first quarter of 2017 for our customer data to “naturally” be rid of Authorize. That’ll probably cost us tens of thousands of dollars. Need to transfer that CIM data over to Stripe, and get rid of the merchant account altogether.