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Suggestions for legalese


Like 98% of the internet I’m working on a SaaS product and, being a developer, I’m very comfortable doing the technical part. However, before I can flip the switch and put it online I need things like Terms Of Service and a Privacy Policy and whatnot.

I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t randomly copy/paste this from another place so I was wondering where you guys sourced these documents from and, alternatively, if you have any recommendations on people who could draft these documents.

I’m located in The Netherlands but I suppose this shouldn’t matter :slight_smile:


The Wordpress Terms of Service (Automattic), have been released under a Creative Commons license. I’ve heard that more than a few SaaS companies have based their TOS on this foundation.


Ah, that’s a good starting point! I would still have to find someone to review it though. Are there any “SaaS lawyers” out there?