Suggestions for bookkeeping software?

I’ve been using Kashoo. It’s okay but I’m not thrilled with it. I’m thinking of finding an alternative. The specific problems are:

Do you use online bookkeeping software that handles multiple currencies with ease, makes pretty charts and graphs, and as well as assigning each transaction to an account, it will also allow you to tag or categorise transactions to a specific project?

Would you recommend the bookkeeping software you use?

I am a huge fan of Xero. Excellent multi-currency support, solid API. I’ve written more about how we use it on my blog


Thanks for that suggestion Rachel… I’m going to give Xero a good look. I’m currently using QB Online but only because at the time I went from desktop to cloud, I couldn’t find any cloud alternatives that would import legacy QB data. It looks like these guys do… I’ll report back here on how the conversion went.

I originally converted my QB data into Xero and I think it is easier now.

Thanks Rachel, I’ll take a look at Xero

A big +1 for Xero as well.

And again for Xero. Freeagent is also nice… but better for the ‘occasional invoice’ client services use case.

Accountants seem to prefer Xero too, in my experience. Also, get an accountant. :smile:

I asked about this on twitter a while back, and besides Xero, Rob Walling and Mike Taber mentioned ‘Outright’:

I’m not that enthusiastic about GoDaddy though, so I’m a bit conflicted. Xero costs twice as much, which is a lot to spend on not liking GoDaddy.

Have tried Freeagent and Kashflow in the last few months - now moved on to Xero as neither of the others worked for us and finally found something I like and which actually works.

It has some niggles (mainly why can I not either permanently delete or at least hide deleted invoices etc) but, overall, it is a great piece of software.

I think there should be a separation between SaaS analytics and accounting/bookkeeping. plugs into our stripe account and shows us all sorts of data that a bookkeeping app couldn’t. We use our product, LessAccounting for tracking spending, P&L and our video company,, uses it for invoices and proposals.