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Suggestions for a "startup" curriculum (or steps in your startup?


I thought it would be helpful to have a sort of curriculum for startups.

I often find myself telling folks the same thing over and over again. It would be helpful to just tell them “go to step X”.
Also, it’s a great way for an aspiring startup to demonstrate they are truly serious.

Here is what I wrote a long time ago:
12 Steps to starting your software company, and 3 unit tests to evaluate progress


Link - http://www.brightjourney.com/q/ideas-found-nichewhat-first#a-11577


Good one.

For anyone interested, Fizzle.co (the Fizzle podcast folks) has a very detailed, step-by-step process for new businesses.

Covers everything from target audience to marketing to implementation.


From Fizzle.co

10 steps to starting a business
They postively skewer the SBA (rightly so) but ironically make some of the same mistakes later, putting “name, establish and launch your business” before “choose an audience, build a product”., and nver mention “validate your product”.


Haha. Yes, that’s the problem with giving blind advice- they should have spent some time defining their own audience!