Suggestions for a quoting / invoicing app / saas for software dev projects


We are getting a lot of new feature / customisation requests, for some we are charging the customer.

I am looking for an app/saas that will help me create specs for the development work, create quotations, email them to the customer and then create invoices when the work is complete.

Does anyone have any suggestions ?



I’d suggest looking at @brennandunn’s

Thanks, I will check it out.

Also, look into @earthlingworks’s BidSketch plus @ttWalnut’s Duet.

Define “a lot” and “some”. It sounds like maybe you’re looking for a sledgehammer to crack a nut? Google Docs template for the customisation spec? Almost any accounting product will be able to send quotes and invoices and here are even simple, free invoice generators (I’ve used And since it’s just customisations, I assume the “project” management isn’t too onerous or long? Perhaps a simple Trello board?

BitSketch, Freshbooks, and PlanScope seem a little overboard for your needs (but correct me if I’m wrong)

Thanks for the suggestions Niche​Diver, Wayne and ideasasylum, I will check them out.

ideasasylum : I don’t think it’s overkill. We use Google docs at the moment to organise our development but the complexity and quantity of work is increasing, we are ready to step up to a tool that provides reporting and summaries.

I certainly value simplicity and want the simplest solution than makes me feel comfortable.


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I’ve just started using, it integrates with my accounts system (xero), makes adding templated line items a breeze and you can build templates for those similar / repetitive quotes.

It’s got a couple of nice features, like optional extras with clients can chose to bolt on. Comments are all held on the quote, and upon acceptance I can move the quote into Xero and issue the invoice.

I’m impressed thus far. Only slight niggle is that it doesn’t have a percentage line item (PM fee etc).

Hope it helps,


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Thanks for sharing solution ian_atkins, I don’t know it worked for smah but it is working for me perfectly…

I am the author of and you are welcome to check it out. In fact if you can give me occasional feedback on what to improve I’ll gladly give you paid (Plus) version for free. Just ping me on so I will know who you are in case you decide to try it.

Hi Samh,

I would recommend you to go for “Invoicera” . I am also using this App for my business and I am experiencing it pretty good. Its an Online Invoicing, Accounting and Billing software with with Time tracking and project management features in it. It will definitely help your business.

I use Zoho books and for some reason this gives me a not great invoicing tool (they have a paid invoicing tool also).