Sub-reddits for bootstrappers

Been diving deeper into Reddit (not front-page) and found a few promising sub-reddits for bootstrappers and product people.

/r/SideProject/ - post your side project, got some good traffic when I posted

/r/SomebodyMakeThis - find problems people want solved

/r/design_critiques - post & get feedback on design choices


Any others?


To be honest, the “distraction risk” of reddit is far too high for me to risk going into any of those. I’ve had to block the domain during work hours and late at night because 5 mins on reddit can turn into 20 or 30…

Truly high payoff links and resources usually popup on twitter, HN or here…

Choose your battles I guess.

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To be honest, the “distraction risk” of reddit is far too high for me to risk going into any of those

Ah darn, you saw through my clever plan to distract you with Reddit, on a post clearly titled “Sub-reddits for bootstrappers”

I’ll get you next time :wink:

Same here. 24/7 block. HN too.

I just never got into Reddit, not sure why.

Same here. I have to force myself to check Reddit/HN/etc. Wish Reddit had feeds like HN. Much easier to just scan via twitter.

updated: OK, so maybe I should have Googled reddit feeds first. Looks like there are plenty of twitter accounts.

/r/startups is terrible.

Mostly wantreprenuers pep talks (How I overcome fear and picked my nose) and self promotional spam.


Agree with @Ian – never got into Reddit or Digg. Used to be into Slashdot and HackerNews, but as @amattan mentioned, it’s a huge hit on productivity – can’t afford it.

I’m either working on my startup or dreaming of how to make it better – no place for Reddit in my life at the moment.

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Every time I look at Reddit, I get overwhelmed by the cluttered design and useless discussions. I just took a glance at the “SomebodyMakeThis” for kicks and saw the fart detecting air freshener. Haha.

The trick to reading HN and Reddit is to not ever visit them on your computer.

Just don’t get into that habit, because if you get hooked it will become a distraction when you’re working.

Instead, just get yourself a tablet. I love browsing HN and Reddit on my iPad in the evenings when I’m not working. There is a great Reddit app called “Alien Blue”, and it makes Reddit great to browse using the tablet. There’s dedicated apps for HN too.

As for subreddits for bootstrappers - agree with some of the other comments. There’s not much on there. HN is great for finding new links and topic, forums like this and JoS are great for discussions. But I don’t see Reddit being a great resource for bootstrappers.

(unless you’re like me, and like to wind down by reading all the nonsense posts :wink:

If I visit Reddit at all, I’ll end up in one of the - ahem - less reputable subreddits. There’s too much there that piques the curiosity.

I just stay off the site altogether.

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Twitter is also a great distraction, and even worse: you never really read it all. For people like me, who like to “clean up the inbox”, it sucks. (But its filled with great people)

Reddit is a blackhole for time but honestly I’ve got more out of it than any other website I’ve ever used in terms of ideas, contacts and information. Here’s a few sub-reddits I’m subscribed to that you might like:

As a mod for /r/AskMarketing/, come on in, the blogspam is deleted and the questions are nice.

Nice one, I’ve posted to /r/askmarketing in the past and gotten some really useful feedback on a couple of issues I was having at the time.

I just got banned from web_design … but these other subreddits look interesting.

I’ve tried many subs, but they are all “noisy” with poor ideas/executions upon said ideas (often very poor). For example, in /r/somebodymakethis, I can’t shake the feeling I am seeing ideas for faster horses rather than automobiles.