Stunn Presenter – Online video presentation creator

Hi there,

We are working on out video editing platform for a long time now, and we finally released our first product this week. We are back to bootstrapping phase after finishing and accelerator last year.

The service helps to create branded video presentations by combining a webcam feed and slides.

I haven’t really got any feedback from outsiders, that’s one of the reason I’m posting here. I’m looking for smart ways to market it. I’m a bit lost here :slight_smile:

You can see the product here:

We have more video apps to come.

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Hi, I’m really puzzled here. Is it my question that is not interesting or the product itself sparked little interest here? I’m asking because my hacker news product induced low conversion and no response. I feel this is how failure looks like. Or am I exaggerating things?

Until I got half way through your video I didn’t realise what you meant by “presentation”. You mean like a slide deck presentation.

Now I read it back it makes sense, but on that first landing I didn’t understand what “create video presentations” really meant. A video of me? A video presenting an app? One of those cartoon thingies where a cartoonist draws the cartoon you see everywhere now?

Most importantly, why should I create a slide deck presentation? How does your tool accentuate these benefits? How does it apply to the verticals I am involved in?

You have a horizontal pitch at the moment. That’s a hard thing to pull off.

I’m a technical bootstrapper so maybe people from a different background will identify better.