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StatusPage.io on "5 Steps to $5,000 in Monthly Recurring Revenue"


Here’s writeup by StatusPage.io about the steps they took to get from initial launch to their first $5k in recurring revenue.

The article has a bit of an yuck factor from all the startupy lingo (“Synthesize Feedback”), but there may still be some value there. If nothing else, some folks may find some motivation in it.



Good read, definitely motivational. Thanks!


One minor quibble… a list of 0…n has n+1 items. I assume this was written by the hustler & not the hacker?

This is cool:

one of the easiest ways to create product evangelists is to fix bugs in real time without the user even telling you about the problem they experienced. “Hey John, just saw an error come through on our backend. Looks like our file uploader plugin was throwing 404’s and failing silently. Just fixed and should be good to go now.”