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Startup Cemetery - Analyses on why +100 startups have failed


Hey! Today, I am really enthusiastic :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

After 6 months of research, data collection, writing, designing and development, I’ve finally launched Startup Cemetery, a BIG resources in which I’ve analyzed why +100 startups have failed!

The last 3 months of building this side-project have been quite difficult. The truth is that I had fear of launch and I was always postponing the launch day. I always felt as if there were features missing and wanted to add new information to each business page.

The strategy I found to avoid putting off the launch day was to contact Kevin William David and scheduled a PH launch day with him. I can now proudly say Startup Cemetery is featured in Product Hunt! :slight_smile:

Over 35,000 words of content on how companies like Vine, Yik Yak and Netscape have failed. Use the filters if you want to search for a specific industry, country or cause of failure, or just click the “Surprise Me!” button if you want to be redirected to a random startup!

I’m so enthusiastic about this project, so I would love to know your opinion about it on the comments :wink:


Good site. :slight_smile:

I was surprised to see “Sunrise” in there ( I absolutely loved that app, but they suddenly discontinued it and pulled it out from under me (ie. I can’t use it anymore because they purposely stopped that). Had no idea why, but it mightily p*ssed me off at the time. So I don’t feel sorry for them at all for failing - they treated their users like garbage!


I like your “Surprise me” button and the cause of failure “Acquisition Flu” made me literally LoL!