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Starting & Sustaining


I’ve finally finished Starting & Sustaining, and it’s live for the whole world. The site does a much better job explaining than I could in a comment, but if you’re interested in building, launching, and sustaining a web application, it’s series of tools to help make that process more approachable by sharing my mistakes and lessons learned from eight years running, and ultimately selling, Sifter.


Congrats Garrett!

I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to get a SaaS app off the ground. I read the first version in its entirety before starting Feature Upvote. I believe the book’s advice was instrumental in helping me reach a sustainable level so quickly.

Garrett writes well, and the book has plenty of practical tips.


Thanks, Steve. Hearing that it helped actually pull it off and succeed is beyond thrilling. We should chat about featuring Feature Upvote and your story in an upcoming newsletter. (And/or the podcast.)


It’d be my pleasure.


@garrettdimon Thanks for putting this online. It is a great perspective and helps a lot in evaluating the next steps to take.


+1 to @SteveMcLeod’s recommendation. I was first introduced to Garrett’s writing via blog posts that became the source of the book. The posts are pure, refined gold. I haven’t had a chance to get the second edition yet, but if it’s BETTER than the first, then we’re talking platinum or rhodium at this point for precious metal analogies. :slight_smile: