Starting + Sustaining video interviews

I guess @garrettdimon is too modest to post this himself, but he’s been doing some video interviews on his “Starting + Sustaining” youtube channel.

Some interviews with people you may know:

  • Peldi from Balsamiq
  • Anthony Eden from DNSimple
  • Serial SaaS acquirer JD Graffam

Thanks, Steve.

I’m still working out the kinks, but I’m also publishing all of the interviews via podcast and as full transcripts with the YouTube videos on Medium.

There’s a lot of production work involved, and the audio quality isn’t up-to-par yet, but I’m in the process of finding someone to help with that. I’m excited about these interviews because they’re focusing more on the early days and struggles of starting a business rather than their current day stuff. I’m hoping that a good realistic picture of the early days in the life of successful business will help folks get rolling faster without getting too far ahead of themselves like I did with Sifter. :slight_smile: