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Social media tracking SaaS


Hi there,

I’ve started a social media tracking SaaS app a year ago, but unfortunately didn’t had the time to promote it, except for the Clickbank affiliate network which is used currently as a payment provider for the application (Can be switched to Fastspring with minimum amount of work). The web address is https://www.listen6.com. The programming tools used are PHP (Yii2 framework), MySQL. Asking price is $2500.


Might I suggest adding the following information that every potential acquirer would like to know.

Total monthly revenue -
Total existing customers -
Total free users -
Total cost of running business (not counting founder salaries) -
Total monthly traffic -
Size of email list -

Since this is a public forum, if you are not willing to share details, you can ask people to send you a personal message or email for these details.


Hi @akash,

Yes, you are right.

Total monthly revenue - no revenue till now, I was hoping that Clickbank as an affiliate and payment provider would generate any lead/sales, but this appears not to be a viable marketing channel
Total existing customers - 0
Total free users - 15 (for two months, acquired via Clickbank)
Total cost of running business (not counting founder salaries) - $5-10 (hosting only)
Total monthly traffic - average 50 visits via Clickbank
Size of email list - N/A

Marketing is my weak side and my mistake was believing that the CLickbank affiliate network can generate any leads, but this was a false assumption.