Social media account management

Hi folks

Just wondering what y’all use for managing your social media accounts across all your projects / businesses.

I can see it’s gonna get messy once you multiply up (projects X accounts) + FB pages etc

I’m aware of hoot suite and buffer and have started trying them, anything else ?

How many accounts do you run (FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, FB page, tumblr, g+ etc)

What’s your go to tool, what didn’t work etc



When I publish a newsletter, I put a link on the PerfectTablePlan Facebook and Googleplus pages. That is the entire extent of my social media presence.

Careful about going crazy with many social media accounts. They can be impossible to maintain; have you seen those FB/Twitter paegs covered in cobwebs, with no post for months? Guess how that happens.

yeah appreciate that, got a few sports related sites kicking off soon, not really ‘product’ but each will need its own presence. just looking to manage them easily. also considering a consultancy type offering to manage SoMe for SMB’s



I use (or used?) Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.

Twitter, these days, in my field seems to be mostly marketers speaking to other marketers. I’ve got close to zero value from it.

Google+ is, as I’m sure you know, a ghost town.

Facebook works well for me. But there is also a lot to learn about how to do Facebook for your company well. At first I found little value in Facebook until I learnt to use it in a way that Facebook values.

For a while I used Hootsuite to be able to post to multiple social networks at once. The problem with this is that each social network has its own way of rewarding content and usage. Now I just use the sites’ manual tools.

But possibly has some SEO benefit? Who knows.

Buffer for posting. Honestly the biggest reason I use Buffer is simply that by queuing my tweets for the future instead of posting them immediately, it removes a temptation to obsessively check for replies.

But I also appreciate the management of numerous accounts in once place. Especially when it comes to auto-posting my RubyTapas episodes to two different twitter accounts, a Facebook page, and a G+ page.

I used Hootsuite for years, but I find the write-only aspect of Buffer to be a feature.

When it comes to engaging with people (especially for support), I use Front to merge email, Facebook, and Twitter inboxes into one place.

Tweetdeck for multiple Twitter accounts, search feeds with competitor keywords, and scheduling tweets.

Facebook page is completely useless imo. We have one with 33k followers (asked players of our old game to like it) and posts need to be boosted with money to reach at least 10% of them.

Sorry for the delay folks, it’s been a busy period in my personal life

thanks for all the replies, much appreciated

Facebook does seem to be killing the B2B usefulness of pages. My brother in law and sister in law have a small cottage industry (B2C) that is promoted/marketed via Facebook. They’re thinking of just shutting down now as the reach is so poor