Social Data-warehouse with Google Analytics and Salesforce

Dear Friends

We just released a new packaged data-warehouse with built in Google Analytics and salesforce connector.

What it does?
In simple terms it allows you to extract google analytics data into your MySQL tables

Why you might need it?
Once the data is in your own schema, you can join it with any of your internal systems: Finance, CRM, Help desk etc

Earlier our tool did visualization and dashboards but now with a packaged warehouse with built in connectors, users would find more value in the platform and they don’t have to deal with Google API or custom programming to extract data.

Please review and send your feedback. We provide both SAAS and on-premise options.

Thank you

Looks pretty similar to what I do for clients using Excel 2016 or Power BI. Where do you think you have the advantage vs. Microsoft?

Hi @otravers, with infocaptor, you have full control over your data and where to store in your database. Having your data in sql tables gives you freedom to join with other internal datasets and it comes with full visualization library (d3.js) and dashboard ability. I think based on some use cases, it has clear advantage over Excel or Microsoft solution.

Thank you