So when is the wpCurve idea going to be replicated for Graphic Design, php coding, etc.?

I often find I need little bits of graphics work done, like “remove a background from a photo” or some simple php, or CSS.

Seems like there MIGHT be a market for that in the same way that that wpCurve works ($70/month fee for unlimited small jobs)


@Clay_Nichols like this?


@itengelhardt Thanks for the shoutout :slight_smile: I’m Sukey, the founder of Undullify, so just give me a shout if you have any questions, comments, whatever comes to your mind!


Excellent idea! Looks good.
That’s great that you get the same person each time. That builds communication (and also a certain amount of “investment” and “lock in” for me, the customer. It’s a win-win.

One issue I run into is that my graphic design needs go in spurts.
So I, personally, would probably sign up for a month or to, then put it on hold.

So… next time I am in “design mode” I’ll give you folks a try.

BTW, have you considered making your newsletter more prominent on your website?
As I mentioned, this is the kind of service that I’d file away as “use this next time I ____”, getting my attention once a month is a great idea.

I’m hoping your newsletter will have the Coolest New Graphics Trends.
Basically “look at this cool new style”, wouldn’t that look great on your website?


Don’t have any plans at the moment to make the blog subscription more prominent on the website; it’s a personal thing, but I dislike sites that have announcement bar type plugins installed throughout or have pop-ups everywhere asking for subscriptions (exit intent pop-ups are an exception).

Cheers for the blog post idea, I’ll put that on the spreadsheet of ideas that’s rapidly growing!