"So 2016" marketing channels

Here’s three marketing channels I’ve recently started using. All three are working well for me. None of them were relevant when I started this business:

  • Reddit: Being a regular participant in a relevant subreddit allows me to occasionally link to my site. The more active I am, the more the other participants promote my product for me when relevant to the discussion.
  • Facebook ads: Hint: obsess over increasing Facebook’s “relevance” scores for ads.
  • Twitch: We give free licenses to Twitch streamers on request. Their links back to our home page consistently deliver traffic that converts surprisingly well. The streamers promote our product with the fervour of newly converted religious adherents.

Have you got any other unusual channels that work for you?

Curious, what’s the subreddit?

Curious, what’s the subreddit?


One day sale sites such as BitsDuJour and MacUpdate Promo work quite well for Hyper Plan. They worked much less well for PerfectTablePlan (which is more of a niche product).

I was concerned that people wouldn’t really value Hyper Plan when they were getting it for 50% off, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I have had lots of useful feedback. And plenty of people who bought v1 for $20 on the sales sites (of which I only got $10 after commission) have paid $16 to upgrade to v2.

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