Skiing + Business mastermind =

…awesome! If you’re looking for the perfect mix of fun and leveling up your business, we’ve got it for you!

Tickets will be going on sale Monday, Oct 10th for Big Snow Tiny Conf, with 3 locations for you…

  1. East (Vermont): (sign up for email at bottom)
  2. West (Colorado): (email at bottom)
  3. Europe (France): (on sale now!)

Don’t miss out–only a handful of spots at each event are available.

Hope to shred with you soon,

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Tickets are on sale for all three events now–limited spots remain. East has 2 spots, Europe and West have 5 left.

Don’t miss your chance…

Whoah… Talk business and then freeriding in Vallée Blanche… Sounds nice! See you in Chamonix!

PS Need to confirm with my wife first, tho ;:wink:

PPS. I wouldn’t count for a “lunch on the slopes” tho. French Alps are all about riding, especially Chaminix with their hardcore off piste routes. Literally zero restaurants on the slopes.

UPDATE: West is down to 1 spot. East has 2. Europe has at least 3-4. Sign up now if you want to go…

  1. East (Vermont):
  2. West (Colorado):
  3. Europe (France):

Hey @daverodenbaugh thanks for the updates on the conference. I’m excited to report that for the Europe edition we have just 2 spots left if anyone’s interested. Any questions just shoot me a DM here or check out the links that Dave listed above.

Cheers, and look forward to seeing everyone in January. I’m here in Annecy, France and we’re getting awesome snow already. Should be great skiing this year. @gregormckelvie I’m looking at you :slight_smile: