#SixBySix Project Updates

Hey guys. A while back I mentioned that I was doing something we call #SixBySix - Six Projects in Six months.

Earlier this week we launched our first product, HowsItGoin. Someone posted it on Product Hunt and it’s currently #3, with 75 signups so far today alone.

We wrote up an indepth post about our experiences (and how it took 250 hours and was 3 weeks overdue), any feedback is always welcome. We’ll also be writing up a post showing stats from the Product Hunt launch in a day or two.

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Nice work dude. Pretty impressive. :slight_smile:

Thanks @kalenjordan, appreciate it. For something that we only made for ourselves we’re quite happy with how it turned out. Obviously tonnes of things we want to do that aren’t there yet, but for now it’s a good start. Only issue is it leaves us with 1 week to complete month 2! :smile:

Ya I’m still not sure I’m in love with the idea of building things so quickly and then basically just moving on. But I know that’s your strategy and so far you’ve done better than I expected!

So here’s to you proving me wrong! :wink:

Haha sure, it definitely has it’s downsides. On the upside we’ve shipped our first product, which probably wouldn’t have happened otherwise.

Our end goal is bootstrapping a business, but in the short term we want to focus on actually launching stuff. We’ll come to the monetisation soon enough.

We’ll see how we go :smile:

Well so far so good! Good stuff!

Yesterday we launched month 2 of #SixBySix, FlashTabs.

FlashTabs is a simple chrome extension that allows you to create a deck of cards & process through them in your new tab screen. It went down well on Product Hunt with 90 upvotes. Not sure on install numbers just yet.

Not sure if each of the #SixBySix really deserves it’s own thread as it’s not really bootstrapping as they’re not monetised yet. Happy to post in it’s own thread but don’t want to clutter this place with my stuff.

Story: Month 2 - Introducing FlashTabs

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