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Hey everyone, I just finished and launched an overhaul of my marketing website for PageProofer. I would love to get any feedback/comments, especially on the copy (lots of time spent fine tuning the message). Thanks in advance.

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In my opinion, you’ve nailed it. Tight copy, well written, on message.

Two minor things:

  1. you have logos for slack, basecamp, etc, without any heading or description. It isn’t immediately clear to me whether these are customers or tools you integrate with.
  2. your video doesn’t seem to work for me, on neither my iPhone or my Mac (using Safari)

If you have enough traffic to make A/B testing worthwhile, I’d suggest you try:

  1. in your headline or near your tagline a big round number: “Used by hundreds of agencies and design studios around the world” or “Helping more than 1,000 teams and clients leave feedback”.
  2. Making pricing prominent on the landing page: “Get started from $29/month”. Currently I find no pricing and I suspect a lot of people will click to the pricing page to find this missing info. But I could be way wrong, so you’d want to measure it.

Nick Kolenda’s stuff here may be helpful to you:


Hi Steve,

Thank you. Video issue is fixed. The Basecamp/Slack logos are right under copy regarding integration to popular project management tools but maybe they should be above the paragraph to tighten the relation (fresh eyes are helpful).

A/B testing is something I want to do but I need to get the hits up to a level where the numbers have some significance. I do like point 2, something that probably should be above the fold on the home page.

Great post you shared by Nick Kolenda, that was my goal with this redo, to nail concepts that are proven conversion helpers.

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Really nice tool.

I specifically like the simple feature that it gives the user agent with the report also.

I remember when working as a freelancer using different browsers on different devices and the pain I had to go through asking them on “ON WHAT DEVICE DOES BEHAVE LIKE THIS?!”, later only to discover the client was using and old computer or some esoteric browser.

The top menu (pricing, about) are too light for me. Not enough contrast. I had to use control+F to find pricing, even though the menu is the obvious place.

Use this useful tool called tota11y to see the contrast problems. It is an accessibility tool. I have good vision but still had problems :slight_smile: You are also missing some alt tags in your html.

Also, compress your images, you could save a lot of bytes, and enable caching headers for your server. Especially images. Speed matters!

Experiences like what you shared are exactly why I built PageProofer. Thanks for the suggestion on the contrast, something I had not considered or noticed. Tota11y looks interesting, good tool to remember.

Awesome tool.

Having said that, I did not immediately got who it is for. This wording, IMHO, is not specific enough:

Make it simple for your team and clients to leave feedback.

I believe, instead just “your team” it should be something more specific, like “web design team” or something like this.

Because you see, my team barely see web pages ever (as a dev object), and yet the title promises me my team will get something from it. Misleading :smiley:

I hear you. That was probably the hardest line to write on the entire site. I’m not 100% happy with it. My problem is I don’t want to paint myself into a corner by saying ‘design’ when I know first hand a lot of non designers use and enjoy the tool.

I was expecting to see the widget on your site to be able to leave you feedback… lol

Looks like a crowded space, I can’f find you on google…at all… with all the keywords I can think of. I do find Usabilla everywhere though and a few others but they look Uber expensive… lol Ya know, when you can’t find a price but you see a big contact us for a demo button… lol

Now I am curious, How do you go about finding customers in that space?

On the copy side, I would tend to agree with @rfctr that I sort of don’t get what you are at a glance, especially if I come from visiting the others in that space. Usabila was the one I could get the easiest… because I was able to click on their widget and try it for my self… I was able to click on feedback, click on a part of the website… choose a little face icon and leave comments…

Maybe instead of copy, you should actually get users to try it? Then they would get it?

There’s a travel agent I walked by with a friend. "Strange, " said my friend, “that the travel agent says they specialize in African travel. They must be losing a lot of potential customers who think this travel agency can’t help them because they are going to somewhere that’s not in Africa.”

My friend didn’t realise how effective it can be to focus on a specific niche, and to dominate that niche.

I think there is a lot of value in choosing a niche for your marketing and concentrating on that. You feel like you might be turning away many potential customers. But actually, you are making yourself stand out to your chosen niche as the solution tailored for them.

Generic feedback is a crowded space. Visual feedback for web designers and developers is not nearly as crowded. Usabililla and similar tools are more geared towards anonymous user feedback for websites once they are live. PageProofer is aimed at the teams that are designing, building and managing websites. Use cases would include bug reporting during development and QA, flagging elements for content updates, testing sites and contennt on devices and logging issues, getting website feedback from client during site reviews etc. The message is a little difficult to communicate but people in that market “get it” right away once they see the tool in action.

100% agree I need to do a better job at distilling that message down to something concise and then communicate it. I have a plan to allow people to try the tool right on the website but right now it only works with autenticated users so I need to build in an anonymous feature first (the old cart and horse issue)

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Totally agree, I’m trying to focus in on web designers and developers, agencies building sites for clients, etc. My messaging could stand to be more focused to them.

side note, but interesting that a company like Usabillia has no pricing info anywhere on their site.

I like the site, and especially the fact there’s actually an about page. It’s always disappointing to see people hesitant to admit the site of their time until their 5-10. It actually brings more honesty and trust than not having it.

The only thing that really jumped out at me is that that the video could either be an animated gif or an extremely simplified mockup using CSS and transitions to explain it in a lower-fidelity way that autoplays. Autoplaying could be great for explaining it quickly and automatically. Obviously that’s not trivial to build, but with a simple CSS animation tool like Hype (Mac app store) it probably wouldn’t be too tough.

I’d probably also get mentions of the integrations higher. Everyone already uses so many different tools, that some reassurance this won’t be yet another tool to log into every day could help ease people’s minds earlier in the process.

Thanks Garrett. I did have an animated gif but the size and low res killed it. I like the CSS idea, just need some time (which I’m short on). I’m a big fan of what you did with Sifter against a lot of big dogs in a crowded space. Using the same approach with PageProofer.

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And I just recd your email blast … timing

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The video is now working for me.

But no full screen video mode? How do you host the video? Is it hosted on Vimeo or YouTube? If not, you should consider one of them, or a similar alternative for the analytics it gives you.

I think you need to add some voice to the video. The lack of sound made me think my speaker was off. You are not taking advantage of a good opportunity to explain via another medium what the product does and how that is a benefit to the potential audience.

The video is self hosted so I could get the right look with the computer framing it. I have google analytic events that fire off during playback. Agree on the audio, unfortunately I have a face for radio and a voice for silent films :slight_smile: That’s a task I need to hire out.

The video with audio on the homepage makes a huge difference (although I am a little biased) It will be interesting to watch the conversions over the next week to see if that makes a difference. Thanks for the idea.


The new video looks and sounds really good.

The video really helps to understand what it is. Especially that “Werks” thing :smiley: But I would make it a bit faster, especially in the first 10-15 seconds.

Tell me something – do I understand correctly your product has two faces – a widget on the page and a task-tracker on the backend?

I’m feeling the task tracker is an impediment. The companies are already using one or another bug/task tracker. Adding yours into the mix only makes things more complicated for them.

Of course you need to have a rudimentary task tracker for a start, but I would probably not plan any new features for it, but instead provided an integration API for major task trackers used in the webdev industry.

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