Simple Scraper — a simple and fast tool to scrape the web

Hey hey,

After months of coding I’m ready to share Simple scraper - a chrome extension that makes scraping web pages simple and fast.

Simply select the data you want, view the results and download as JSON or csv. It’s free to use, with an optional plus plan for those that may wish to scrape in the cloud.

Suggestions, feedback, reviews all appreciated :pray:

Congrats on shipping!

Frankly, I’m very wary of browser extensions, because they have nearly unfettered access to one’s browsing history. There are numerous examples of extensions going rogue (i.e. changing ownership).

I’d suggest adding a sentence or two about the privacy and security aspect of it and who is behind this extension.

Thanks jmstfv!

Of course, and people are right to be wary. I intentionally designed Simple scraper to use the most restrictive of permissions ( the ‘activeTab’ permission). That means it can’t read any of your Browser history and only allows temporary access to the current tab when you explicitly click the extension button.

Will add this to the description on the Chrome store. Appreciate the advice.

You’re missing some important info like examples of what I can do with this and pricing :).

Something we regularly outsource is scraping the Google play store and to get an up to date list of every app out there, downloads, tools installed, etc.

Could this tool achieve that? Or is it more manual where it scrapes the page you’re on yourself as opposed to scraping the 3 million Google play app pages

here’s one I made earlier :slight_smile: