Simon from Kremental/Visual Recipe Index

I’m Simon. I am currently employed at a BIGCORP and am developing a small premium wordpress plugin on the side as my first product.

I have had several false starts on much more ambitious products that I eventually abandoned so I thought that I should dedicate myself to something small and actually get it out the door and selling to customers, even if it only results in coffee money.

My quick education/experience summary: Physics/Computer Science degree->desktop software developer->web developer/linux admin/database dev->business analyst (mostly SAS)->web analystics->digital marketing/CRM/management

I’m really glad I found this community it seems like it is exactly what I have been looking for.

I live in Waterloo Ontario with my beautiful wife and two kids.

Hi Simon. Welcome to the forums!

Is this you? -

Yep, that is the free version of my first plug in. I took an existing plugging that was abandoned, had security issues, was pulled from WordPress. I simplified the ux and fixed the security issue over a weekend and released as an mvp to get people to sign up to my mailing list.

My plan was to develop a full featured plug in for sale with a few months and start marketing but I had to take a big break because my BIGCORP banned all side projects without prior approval. I got that sorted out recently (BIGCORP legal approvals take forever) so I have started working on it again.