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Sign-up conversion rates


Hi folks!

I thought it would be maybe interesting to share what our conversion rates are (with a bit of context to make the most out of it).

Here is my recent data for WiseCash, for which I have a cc-required 14-day trial:

  • july: 0.60% ratio between “view home page” and “start a trial”
  • august: 0.61%
  • september: 0.69%

As well, the rate of conversion between “start a trial” and “remains onboard afterwards” is consistently at 40%.

I am going to rebuild the home-page and compare with these metrics.

What are your conversion rates so far?


– Thibaut


I like the idea though I find there’s a fair amount of variation when it comes to certain conversion rates. Very top of the funnel, like “home page -> trial” is a good example (quality of traffic has a big impact).

Anyway, I’ll mention a couple of my numbers. I also ask for cc upfront and have a 14-day trial.

Home page --> 3.5% signup to paid trial

Pricing page --> 15% view (cc) signup form --> 40% complete signup

Paid trial --> 55% become paying customer

Home page --> paid trial, is very different to: visited site --> paid trial. That number is ~0.8% since I have a fair amount of blog traffic and lower converting long tail SEO traffic in a separate area of the site.


This is for downloadable software, but might be of interest: