Shrinkwrapped on Amazon

Does anyone have positive experience (aka profit) by selling downloadable software on Amazon store ?

Boxed games are sold there en mass. I guess it is more profitable (or less trouble) than to deal with retail.

As for downloadable software - I doubt it. Amazon takes a 30%(?) cut, doesn’t it? On the other hand, the increased volume may compensate for it, money-wise. But support costs are not reduced, tho.

I’ve just checked a few items on Amazon, and I’m confused. Boxed software is sold for less than from the maker site. That could be just a promotion, or could be the reduced cost of “Fulfilled by Amazon” program. But the downloadable version is sold at exactly the same price as from the home site.

I sold CDs of PerfectTablePlan on Amazon for some years, via a third party. It gave me some useful extra sales for little extra effort, but I don’t think it ever accounted for more than 1% of my total sales (bear in mind that my software is now mass market). Also I think people are increasingly inclined to download than buy a CD. The third party has wound down their operation now and I stopped selling on Amazon quite recently.

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