Show: Plainflow – automate your product communication through visual workflow

:wave: everyone, Leonardo here.

I recently launched a SaaS product to help SaaS companies automate their product communication using their favorite tools and through visual workflows.

Pissed off by traditional old-school marketing automation tools we created a modern automation product for SaaS able to collect all your customer data (we integrate with Segment) in a central place and let you take actions.

We currently integrate with Segment, MadKudu, Clearbit, Email, and webhook.

Below an example of workflow to send a truly personalized email based on the new user’s job role. :point_down:


plainflow looks interesting.

I do have a question: How do you handle the upcoming European Data Privacy regulation GDPR? Especially regarding consent? I’m asking this, because GDPR will impact nearly all SaaS working with EU customer data. A SaaS like yours (or a CRM for that matter) has no direct contact with the customers, but still must comply with explicit consent?

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I have 20 years experience with the internet and marketing but I have absolutely no idea what this product does.

You need to simplify the sell so your grandma can understand.

You need to explain in simple terms what exactly it is and what it can do for me.

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I get the idea of your product - UX/marketing-speak notwithstanding. But you need 2 things in your headline: “Automate customer journeys using your favourite marketing and sales tools.”

  • who is this product for (presumedly whoever owns marketing)?
  • what’s the differentiating benefit?

Something like:
Automatically connect your marketing and sales tools for increased conversion and retention. Plainflow, the Zapier* for Marketing Managers.

  • You want a disclaimer somewhere, re zapier not affiliated, blah blah, but “Zapier for Marketing Managers” is a powerful image.
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