Show Bootstrapped: LiveDive helps you make your web app's user experience great

Hi bootstrappers. I posted a landing page/concept a while ago on here (was called RealLive, now called LiveDive), and wanted to let you know I’ve got a working prototype up and running. You can check out the demo of the site at, but the gist of it is that you can really easily video chat with your users and watch them use your website or web app, in realtime, with no browser plug-ins or client-side installation required. You just drop a JS snippet on your site and off you go.

It’s primarily designed for use with user testing, but could also be helpful for small-scale customer support and early stage relationship building. Since it’s I think it’s particularly valuable for early stage projects, I thought there might be people here who would either find it useful or, at least, give me some brutally honest feedback about the project.

Thanks in advance!

Totally unrelated but I like the idea of ‘Show Bootstrapped’ so changed the category name. Thanks!

Hey, glad I could help!

I like this idea a LOT. Signing up now, and will see about integrating it in the coming week. I’ll mention it to our mastermind group this week, too.

Thanks Corey!

One point I think I need to emphasize more in the marketing copy (this came up in the last discussion too, but I may not have tweaked enough), is how helpful this can be for a new website or web app that doesn’t yet have enough traffic for analytics to be valuable. There’s a big gap from launch to thousands of visitors for most new services, and I’m hoping LiveDive can be really valuable there, by providing deep feedback from those first few early adopters.