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Should your run a special promotion on launch?


When you launch your application should your run a promotion on the landing page. Ex 20% off for the first week of launch to all new signups in like a ribbon or should you only send out promotions to your social media audience?


We did discounts for our beta testers but once we launched everyone had the same pricing. Our product is B2B and we didn’t have a huge number of followers before launching so a launch promotion wouldn’t have gained us much. I would treat a launch promotion like any other promotion: run it, see what happens, and pull it if it doesn’t work.


Thank you for your advice ill see what i do.


I do a discount for the beta folks as a thanks. The discount itself has never seemed to really do much for actual conversions though.


Thank you that helps.


I have had this conversation several times with clients and it all depends on your price point. Since I do a 1% service charge, it’s a bit tough for me to financially even pull off a promotion rate (not to mention the support it would require in the codebase).

Multi-User, you could discount the first user to get them in the door.

Other than that, give some kickback for beta users, early adopters, and info gathering (swag, lunches, discount codes) but in general I think that launch promotions can be hit or miss.

Plus, consider how you will acknowledge that rate in the future:
Forever discounts will give you good signup rates, but is it viable for you.
Limited time (first x months) may have clients running after you with pitchforks later when they look at their credit card statement.


I actually sent out a discount on twitter and made no mention of any promotions on the site. My first sale came in this morning at full price and the client was more than happy to pay full price.


Woo hoo! :slight_smile: Yay for Ivan. Congratulations.


Indeed! Congratulations Ivan on your first sale!


Thank you guys :smile: