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Shoot down my landing page


Hey guys!

I was overwhelmed by the amount of useful feedback I got from here when I introduced myself and my product a few weeks ago.

My landing page has changed a lot, which is why I would really appreciate any kinds of feedback that you guys have. I’m not gonna introduce the product here, since I hope the website is capable of that :wink:

It’s for WordPress developers and you find it here: http://wppusher.com/

Thank you!!

Ps. I know the e-mail opt-in is kinda off. I hope to launch soon and get rid of it! :wink:

Pps. If there are any WP devs in here who would be interested in private beta access, which I hope will happen in this week, let me know!


Looks great! Maybe instead of the screenshot you could have a short (silent probably) screencast or animated gif? Kind of like on flynn.io.


Thanks a lot! That’s definitely a good idea. It’s on my list, but I’m not completely done with everything yet, so it has to wait a little while! :slight_smile:


When you have enough traffic to A/B test, consider testing CTAs at the end of at least the first “section”, not only at the bottom.

Also, consider an About page so I know who is behind this. Probably not necessary now, but it may be worth it later.

If this is a real problem that WordPress devs have, then you’ll probably make some decent income if you can get them to get to the page. It sells well - I don’t use WordPress, but if I did I’d probably give you money. :smile:


Thanks a lot for the feedback, it’s highly appreciated! I’ll consider both! The CTA could probably be more aggressive :wink:

And too bad you’re not a WP dev! :smiley: haha


Value prop is clear, and the page looks good. Nice work! Two questions I have after reading it quickly:

  • Am I pushing all of the files in my site? Or just certain plugins & themes?
  • Where does my staging/preview site fit in with all of this?

I think I can guess both answers, but they’re not spelled out in the page, so… :smile:


Thanks a lot! Great to hear! :slight_smile:

I’ll think about how I can answer your questions in the website, maybe in the FAQ!

I’ll just answer them quickly here as well (because why not? :wink: ): 1. It’s just the theme or the plugin that’s updated (using the already build in WordPress package installer/updater). 2. If you have a staging site, you’ll normally control this via the WP Pusher dashboard as well, and probably enable push-to-deploy, so your staging always have latest development code, and then manually update production from the WP Pusher dashboard when it should go live (ie. clicking “update” on my site).


On mobile right now so I haven’t pored over the landing page too much, but this sounds great. I’m a WP dev and I have this pain. Not as much as some people, but at least a little. I would love to beta test for you! Email is travis@brightagency.net if you want to get in touch.


That’s awesome! I hope to have the beta ready by the end of this week and will reach out to you then!


Great job!
I don’t use wordpress . If I did , I would use your tool, but only after using a free tier.
I think your pricing infos should be more visible, it’s like the second most important information.
I hope it helps.


Thanks a lot for your feedback!

I’ll think about how I can make pricing more visible! I finally decided to not have a free tier, but I might have some coupons etc. when I launch :wink:

And it helps a lot, thank you!



Missed the “before” version but it looks great now :).

Typo on features page: “If you do WordPress theme of plugin”



Thanks a lot Andrew! I fixed it!


Hey guys!

I just wanted to let y’all know that I finally released WP Pusher v1.0.0 and launched the Pro version. WP Pusher is no longer a SaaS. Just a plain ol’ WordPress plugin.

You guys help was invaluable when building the landing page! Thanks to much!