Shoot down my landing page

Hey guys!

I was overwhelmed by the amount of useful feedback I got from here when I introduced myself and my product a few weeks ago.

My landing page has changed a lot, which is why I would really appreciate any kinds of feedback that you guys have. I’m not gonna introduce the product here, since I hope the website is capable of that :wink:

It’s for WordPress developers and you find it here:

Thank you!!

Ps. I know the e-mail opt-in is kinda off. I hope to launch soon and get rid of it! :wink:

Pps. If there are any WP devs in here who would be interested in private beta access, which I hope will happen in this week, let me know!

Looks great! Maybe instead of the screenshot you could have a short (silent probably) screencast or animated gif? Kind of like on

Thanks a lot! That’s definitely a good idea. It’s on my list, but I’m not completely done with everything yet, so it has to wait a little while! :slight_smile:

When you have enough traffic to A/B test, consider testing CTAs at the end of at least the first “section”, not only at the bottom.

Also, consider an About page so I know who is behind this. Probably not necessary now, but it may be worth it later.

If this is a real problem that WordPress devs have, then you’ll probably make some decent income if you can get them to get to the page. It sells well - I don’t use WordPress, but if I did I’d probably give you money. :smile:

Thanks a lot for the feedback, it’s highly appreciated! I’ll consider both! The CTA could probably be more aggressive :wink:

And too bad you’re not a WP dev! :smiley: haha

Value prop is clear, and the page looks good. Nice work! Two questions I have after reading it quickly:

  • Am I pushing all of the files in my site? Or just certain plugins & themes?
  • Where does my staging/preview site fit in with all of this?

I think I can guess both answers, but they’re not spelled out in the page, so… :smile:

Thanks a lot! Great to hear! :slight_smile:

I’ll think about how I can answer your questions in the website, maybe in the FAQ!

I’ll just answer them quickly here as well (because why not? :wink: ): 1. It’s just the theme or the plugin that’s updated (using the already build in WordPress package installer/updater). 2. If you have a staging site, you’ll normally control this via the WP Pusher dashboard as well, and probably enable push-to-deploy, so your staging always have latest development code, and then manually update production from the WP Pusher dashboard when it should go live (ie. clicking “update” on my site).

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On mobile right now so I haven’t pored over the landing page too much, but this sounds great. I’m a WP dev and I have this pain. Not as much as some people, but at least a little. I would love to beta test for you! Email is if you want to get in touch.

That’s awesome! I hope to have the beta ready by the end of this week and will reach out to you then!

Great job!
I don’t use wordpress . If I did , I would use your tool, but only after using a free tier.
I think your pricing infos should be more visible, it’s like the second most important information.
I hope it helps.

Thanks a lot for your feedback!

I’ll think about how I can make pricing more visible! I finally decided to not have a free tier, but I might have some coupons etc. when I launch :wink:

And it helps a lot, thank you!


Missed the “before” version but it looks great now :).

Typo on features page: “If you do WordPress theme of plugin”


Thanks a lot Andrew! I fixed it!

Hey guys!

I just wanted to let y’all know that I finally released WP Pusher v1.0.0 and launched the Pro version. WP Pusher is no longer a SaaS. Just a plain ol’ WordPress plugin.

You guys help was invaluable when building the landing page! Thanks to much!