"Shared Network Drive" for remote teams?

For those of you who create software with a geographically dispersed team: What’s your favoured cross-platform solution for a shared file system?

I used JungleDisk for a long time (an early DropBox type app that piggybacks on your Amazon S3 account) but switched everything to Google Drive this summer. I use Dropbox to share Quickbooks and related files with my bookkeeper.

I used Dropbox for a while until we switched everything to Google Apps (Drive included). Here’s what I like the most about the switch:

  • search: i can find documents directly while in my inbox
  • templates: i can define certain templates for re-use (that’s only applicable the doc types they support)
  • no need for MS suite: any google account can have access to documents i want to share (no need to pay extra)
  • organization: i can open multiple google accounts (i.e. personal, company A, company B…), connect the accounts and switch whenever i need to

Lots more of course, but those are the ones I could think of right away. Admittedly, I haven’t used Dropbox lately, so I might be missing lots of new features they have.

I use Dropbox for my daily work, so I use it to share with people - it’s really good for large and static files, though you don’t have that much logging and you can’t really control what the others upload (which then gets automatically downloaded to your computer - except you turn syncing off for that specific folder).

For collaboration purposes I use Google Drive (because you can work on a document at the same time), but Microsoft’s OneDrive has become quite good as well (especially if you’re really into Microsoft Office products, this might be the way to go). For communications purposes - if you only share a few files and it’s more of a discussion platform, then perhaps Basecamp is a good and stable solution.

I also looked into Slack and some startups are starting to use it.

Thanks for the answers. Based on the responses, we’re going with Google Drive.