SEO advice on page attracting wrong traffic

Here’s a question for anyone with SEO expertise.

We have a post on the Saber Feedback blog that gets a reasonable amount of traffic via Google. However the blog post’s topic has nothing to do with our product, and the people coming to the page are not our target audience.

Would you:

  • Delete the page altogether?
  • Replace the page with a redirect to the blog home?
  • Leave the post as it is and do nothing?
  • Something else?

My take: leave the post as is.
Reason: I’ve heard (and find it probable) that google ranks your site also on amount of traffic. So every bit helps for a low traffic site. Might be different for a high traffic website.

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I would leave it too, a percentage of people will organically share that page with other which increases the backlinks and activity pointing to the importance of your website, even if its not exactly about what you wanted it should help. As long as you help direct the growth back toward what you DO want


Could you use the post to create a third product?

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Not a bad idea, although in this case it doesn’t work!


  1. Find a friend who’s project matches what the blog post is about, get them to post it and redirect that URL to their copy. Or if it doesn’t work for a friend, find a company it does work for and try to sell this to them. (This isn’t my first choice as I’m guessing it isn’t loads of traffic, so probably isn’t worth the hassle of trying to sell it to someone.)

Or 2. Get rid of it, redirect URL to home page.

It is pointless having something not related to the site on there, that traffic is useless to you so keeping it is conning yourself that you’re doing better than you are. Also, Google is more and more about working out what themes your site is about, why keep something around that doesn’t fit with the business?