Selling some Domain Names - too ambitious?

So I’m slowly weeding out domain names in my portfolio that I’m just not going to use and wondered if anyone here has had success selling names for 4 and 5 figures.

I’ve started with, and for about $1500 asking price on flippa (for the bundle of 3), and are bundled up for $10k and up

some other ones I have are things like,,,,, etc.

flippa links purposefully omitted as I’m not trying to hype or advertise, I’m looking for folks in the know

what do you all think? too ambitious?

I’ve not been one for trading in domain names so have no idea really. Now I’ve ‘grown up’ regarding what I could possibly build (in terms of time/commitment and passion) I’m starting to offload.

All opinions and thoughts appreciated (@ian would love your input on this)

From my limited experience with domain names buy/sell I can tell you that you can get price in the range of thousand(s) only if someone’s brand/product name matches the domain name and they are profitable enough to throw some cash.

In all other cases people can afford in the range of hundred(s) or just think about new spare name.