"Sell to Strangers" - howto video on content marketing

If, like me, you are struggling to put together a coherent content marketing strategy, I recommend watching Sell to Strangers, made by Brian Casel from Audience Ops. It describes a five-part approach based on evergreen articles, lead magnets, emails, case studies, and social media posts.


What are the top 3 takeaways you found most helpful for YOU?
BTW, have you read Content Machine by Dan Norris? it’s pretty darn good.

  1. Promote each blog post via social media channels at least 10 times, each time with a different pull quote and rewording of the title

  2. Case studies entirely telling a story of a customer make excellent content

  3. Facebook ads for B2B work best when advertising evergreen content rather than advertising my product directly

Bonus takeaway 4) The first two weeks after a customer signs up for emails is a critical time for an initial drip sequence of emails

As content marketing is a major part of our strategy for marketing Feature Upvote, the video was very timely for me.


FYI, I have found Facebook GROUPS (around a particular subject) are the killer social media as long as you are not posting something for sale. There is a FB group of 50K speech therapists. I posted a free 7 month subscription and got 150 signups. (therapists are busy and hard to reach. I’d have to spend $8K to get 150 signups via print advertising). And I have actually seen folks post things “on sale” there to.

Its baffling to me that Facebook has not, as yet, allowed advertisers to directly target Groups.

I didn’t realize they don’t. That’ CRAZY. Good news for us though, because that means when you post there’s even LESS competition in a Group.