Self-governed network of freelancers who refer each other overflow work

This isn’t a product, but I thought I would share just in case any fellow bootstrappers do freelancing on the side and have interest:

Freelance Overflow is a self-governed network of freelancers who refer each other overflow work, commonly on commision. All members are endorsed by at least three other members of said network and must maintain a stellar track record or risk being kicked out. Members are accepted based upon not only their technical skills, but also their communication skills, project management abilities, and overall professional reputation.


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I have been suggestions something like this (but this is better) for years.

My idea is that bootstrapped companies would work together to provide steady hours for freelancers they’ve found to be excellent. (Recurring work saves the freelancers marketing and “get aquainted” time.)

I see the idea tossed around all over, and I have the desire myself to hand out extra work to solid folks. It’s gotten a tiny bit of traction thus far, so time will tell if this approach works. I believe the harder part will be getting solid seed members.

Cool idea! Only thing I wonder is whether it’s better to do this sans referral fees. Most good developers who are busy and have overflow work won’t need to or want to pay referral fees I’d imagine?

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Solid point, thank you. I’ve removed the language from the readme. I’ve had folks to ask for it both ways, however I’d lean your direction upon further reflection.

Good idea! I just requested membership.