Selenium.Academy: Automated browser testing info product

As I got more and more questions about Selenium and web automation (part of my existing tool) I had the idea to offer a deep dive into this topic as a separate info product.

For this I created a landing page which tries to explain the product and content:

Maybe some of you could take a look?

Nice site. If you’re working with Selenium, you might be interested in a product I’m offering in the same space: Helium. It’s a Python/Java wrapper around Selenium that offers a much more high-level API for web automation. Eg. click(“Download”) instead of driver.find_element_by_id(“downloadBtn”).click(). Good luck with your info product!

Nice site. I like the layout and design. It’s very minimalsitic and “programmer friendly”. :slight_smile:

I do have a few comments though:

  • Who is your target audience? “Automated Testing From Start To Finish” is a very broad and generic statement. As is “[…] everything from Selenium Basics all the way to Continuous Integration.” Is the course for programmers or testers/QA people, or both (or someone else completely)?

  • Do you assume that your audience already knows what Selenium is and what it’s used for? Do you already assume your audience knows about the concept of automated testing and continous integration? If not, are these concepts covered by the course? A more explicit statemnt about who the course is intented for would be nice.

  • What experience level is required in testing/QA or programming? Do I need to know programming in all the languages listed to take the course? Will the course teach me how to program in these languages? If I’m a tester/QA person with no programming experience, is the course for me?

  • The tech staack/programming language logoes are not (so) easily recognizable in monochrome, especially on a (smallish) mobile device. Using the official color versions of the logos and possibly adding the name of the product/language will make the list more scannable. Also, all the logos rendering in a single-row list on mobile makes it look a bit odd.

  • What does the statement “Everything is available in different programming languages and tech stacks.” mean? Below it you list two build/integration server products and five programming languages. To me (as a programmer), this statement does not make much sense in relation to the logos listed below it. To me a tech stack is a combination of infrastructure components, programming languages, frameworks, etc. CI and build system may be viewed as part of the tech stack, but it’s not necessarily a part of the technology on which I actually run my applications. Maybe it would be clearer if you re-phrased it? Do you mean to say that the course and Selenium is usable for automated testing regardless of the tech stack being used? (Personally, think “tech stack” is an inhernetly “fuzzy” phrase, maybe best to be avoided completely.) Another approach might be to separate the programming languages from the CI/build products, as they are two very different things.

  • I like the pictures/illustrations (and the word play) in the lession catalog (and the catalog itself), but they do make scanning the list for a quick overview of the course content more difficult, especially on a mobile device. They take up a lot of screen real estate, which means a lot of scrolling to see the important parts of the list. A more compact list, possibly with a few bullet points or a couple of sentences detailing the topics covered in each lession would be more useful.

  • Having both text and video versions of the lessions is nice. Will the content be downloadable, or only browsable online? Downloadable would be a big plus, especially for the videos, as it would allow me watch the lessions offline and give me the option of increased playback speed on the videos.

I might be a bit picky about the details, but if your target audience is programmers, I guess that is to be expected. :wink:

Apart from the somewhat unclear target audience and the minor details listed above, I think the site and the product itself looks promising. Keep up the good work, and best of luck with the product.

Thank you for the hint! I plan to add lessons for the various different frameworks as well. So I will add yours to the list!

Wow, thank you very much for the details :slight_smile: I will update the website soon and can take a few of your points into account!