Seeking recommendations for headset

A bit off-topic:

Can you recommend a headset (headphones with microphone) convenient enough to travel with, while still having a quality microphone?

I’ve tried a few but keep going back to the earphone/microphone combo that came with my phone. (Samsung)

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Interesting! Do you use this Samsung phone on your computer when having Skype/Slack/Zoom calls? No complaints from people on the other end of the conversations?

I don’t do loads (hate actually talking to other humans!) but not had problems as long as internet connection is good (its jitter that causes the problems in my experience).

Doesn’t seem to make a difference between phone or laptop (my laptop has a single 3.5mm jack like a phone does, not different ones for ear/mic).

One tip - you want the lead with the mic on to not rub against your clothes/chin/beard so I’ve sometimes used this tiny little plastic clothes peg thing I’ve got to hold the lead in place against my t-shirt/collar (sounds daft but almost as useful as a towel when travelling!)

Obv the quieter the better and thats where I’ve found the smaller travel headphones fall short - the mic boom is never long enough to get close enough to your gob to cut out background noise.

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I own these. They’re not bad. The ear pieces rotate so they can lay flat, you can turn the mic on and off just by moving it out of the way or close to your mouth, and all the volume controls are on the side of the left ear piece.

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I am extremely happy with the Plantronics brand. I have a small headset from them and it’s just great. Way more models available on Amazon from them, I’m sure.

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I’m carrying MPOW headset in my bag. Third one, in fact. Them are not the fanciest, but they are small enough and sturdy enough. I had fancy gaming and “pro” headsets, but they are always so easy to break (which I, with my hammer-like fists, promptly do).

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I recently bought a wireless (Bluetooth actually) headset with active noise cancellation(there is a separate button for this function). Jbl e65btnc. It also has a mic. The idea was that with the noise reduction feature I can use them in an airplane. Have not tested them yet in an airplane, but they work almost perfectly in my gym, here I am quite annoyed with the gym music and other sounds. They also have an optional cable with 3.5mm jack. So as I told in gym they are perfect: I listen podcasts or audio books and can answer phone calls. I also used the at home to listen audio books. Active Noise reduction lower noise level maybe 3-5 times.
Ambushers are little bit small for my ears, so for office I plan to buy Bose Qc 35 II.

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Finally bought Bose qc 35. I am very satisfied. It is what I needed.

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Immediately after the purchase it’s only a justification of the irrational decision.

The true evaluation can be done couple of months down the road.

An update: I am still satisfied with them.