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Seeking Feedback on EventWax.com


Hi, I’m Kevin.

I’ve been running EventWax.com, an online event registration tool, for a while now and am looking for feedback from other bootstrappers.

We all know that Eventbrite has become the 800 lb. gorilla in the online event space but we think there is a place for an inexpensive, low-frills tool, also. Evenbrite is great if you have more complex needs or if you run a lot of events, but for the occasional event organizers who are our targeted users, we think having too many features and options is the wrong approach–esp. if those unneeded features are reflected in the price you pay. Anyway, this is our startup thesis.

I would be appreciative of people in this community to visit our home page and let us know what they think about our copy and design and positioning and suggest improvements.

In fact, maybe that would make a great thread on this forum–a free for all “Critique my landing page” thread.



Just a quick thought on your landing page copy.

no software to install

Is that an objection that comes up often when talking to customers? I think everybody assumes that one. :wink:

We had “cloud based” in our marketing messages and nobody really cared.


Hey Kevin, EventWax looks cool.

I do marketing for a startup in the events space but we’re at the other end of the spectrum. More features + higher price, but for a niche market.

There’s lot of space for innovation in the industry.

One concern I have is that event registration is becoming a commodity. There has to be more value added to differentiate from the hundreds of other providers.


Hi johnf,

Thanks for taking a look. Yes, “no software to install” seems like it should be a given. I actually haven’t heard the objection before–just assumed it because some old-school registration systems did require downloads.

I’ll take a look at replacing that benefit with something more relevant! (Probably will set up an A/B test for it.)


Hi OsmnShkh,

I think the higher price + niche market is a good strategy. A friend of mine runs an online event registration company using this approach and has a nice stable of clients paying 10’s of thousands a year for her platform. It is very comprehensive but she also has a large staff to service these clients.

I am hoping for the large number of users x small LTV strategy! Right now we are at the small number of users x small LTV, though. :smile:

Regarding the commiditization of this space, you are right. We’re trying to figure out that and I think the niche route is a great approach. For instance, I know a guy that took his platform from a general events platform and focused it just on events in the kid’s sporting events space.