Searching on where to promote our tool

We recently launched a new tool that adds charts and analytics for users -
Since it is a tool that is obviosly targeting only Intercom users, we would like to approach only Intercom users.
Is there a way to taget to this specific kind of group? Also, what would you recommend us to do in order to market our tool better? It is now open only for beta testers but will launch any time soon…


This looks interesting, any idea on the pricing when it launches?

Thanks @natural :thumbsup:
So currently is it is invite only, we are sending invitations for anyone who sign up on our website, and it is free, we really want to get as many users now so we can improve it.

As long as we’re on Beta we will keep it free, and we’ll see what happens when we launch :smile:

The first thing I thought of is find a search engine that will let you search through source, then you could easily build a list of sites using the Intercom widget. Most sites are probably using Intercom behind a login wall of some kind, but many are now using their Acquire tool, which is going to be on public pages.

Here are the results from Meanpath, a code search engine I just found. And here are the results from another search engine Nerdydata.

I would just go through those lists and cold email them.

Also it seems like a no-brainer to reach out to Intercom and see if you can get featured on their blog, etc.

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Hi, Thanks @jarcoal, we tried using meanpath about 2 weeksand it worked great
Also, we’re already featured on Intercom’s website :smile:

Have you tried “built with”?

They claim to have a list of 28k sites using Intercom

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Thanks @Rhino
I did try reaching out and talked with them but i’m afraid it isn’t exactly what we’re looking for

Can I ask why wasn’t helpful?

I ask as I’ve been mulling over a similar side-project (something that builds on existing tech) and was thinking of using built with to find who’s using it.